USDA Organic Ceylon White Pepper 100g


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 Product Name  USDA Organic Ceylon White Pepper 100g
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 Product   Origin  Sri Lanka
 Category  Spices
 Tags  Allnatural, bbq, castiron, ceylon, chairholder, chef,   coconut, cooking, dehydrated, delicious, flour,   food, etc.
 Weight  200g
 Dimensions  7 × 9 in
 Ingredients  Organic Ceylon Whole White Pepper
 Storage   Instructions  Store in an airtight container in a cool, dark, dry   place (Room Temperature).
 Common   Names  Blanc Poivre, Extrait de Poivre, Grain de Poivre,   Hu Jiao, Kali Mirchi, Kosho, Krishna, etc.
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3 in stock


White pepper is mostly used in light-colored dishes like white sauces and mashed potatoes for aesthetic reasons. Note: The taste of white pepper is hotter than black pepper. White pepper turns stale faster than black pepper.

Disclaimer – All information is for your reference only, please do your own research and verify.

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 7 × 9 in

Servings Size

Use as required


All Natural Lasia spinosa  (Kohila Ala)

Storage Instructions

Store in an airtight container in a cool, dark, dry place (Room Temperature).

Common Names

Blanc Poivre, Extrait de Poivre, Grain de Poivre, Hu Jiao, Kali Mirchi, Kosho, Krishna, Marich, Maricha, Pepe, Pepper, Pepper Extract, Pepper Plant, Peppercorn, Pfeffer, Pimenta, Pimienta, Pimienta Negra y Pimienta Blanca, Piper, Piper nigrum, Piperine, Poivre, Poivre Noir, Poivre Noir et Blanc, Poivre Noir et Poivre Blanc, Poivrier, Vellaja, White Pepper.

Recipes and Preparing Instructions

Cooking With Ceylon White Pepper
White pepper is best for white foods and also delicate dishes. The main thing to remember when cooking with white pepper is to add it at the end of cooking.

If overheated, white pepper has the tendency to turn bitter and make your dish taste rancid.

White pepper is most commonly found in Asian dishes, especially Schezwan, and American foods like mashed potatoes.

You can substitute black pepper, but it isn’t always an even swap and it will leave black specks in your food.

Recipes that Use White Pepper
Blender Hollandaise Sauce
White Queso Dip
Mexican Corn Dip
Corn Fritters

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