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Spices & Herbs

Indulge in the rich heritage of Ceylon with our exclusive collection of organic spices and herbs. From fragrant cinnamon to robust turmeric, each of our products is carefully harvested to offer you unparalleled purity and flavor. Enhance your culinary creations with spices that are not only flavorful but also cultivated using eco-friendly practices. Explore our Spices & Herbs section and transform your cooking into an exotic and healthy adventure.


Rice & Flour

Experience the natural goodness with our selection of organic rice and flour. Sourced from the fertile lands of Ceylon, each grain and particle promises a wholesome addition to your diet. Perfect for health-conscious individuals, our products deliver both nutrition and taste without any artificial additives. Browse our Rice & Flour category and make every meal nutritious and delicious.


Dehydrated Products

Our Dehydrated Products offer the perfect blend of convenience and natural taste. From succulent fruits to savory vegetables, our dehydration process locks in flavor and nutrients, ensuring you enjoy the fresh taste all year round. Ideal for snacking or cooking, elevate your dishes and snack selections with our premium dehydrated offerings.


Coconut Products

Delve into the versatility of coconut with our array of Coconut Products. Whether it's the creamy coconut milk, the nutritious oil, or the fibrous flour, each product is a testament to purity and sustainability. Embrace a healthier lifestyle with our coconut derivatives that not only promise exceptional quality but also versatility in your kitchen.


Tea & Herbal

Refresh and rejuvenate with our selection of organic tea and herbal teas. Each blend is crafted with the finest leaves and herbs, offering a plethora of health benefits and exquisite flavors. Whether you seek relaxation or a boost of energy, our Tea & Herbal Tea category has something to elevate your tea experience. Select from a variety of Sri Lankan tea, considered by many among the best in the world.


food & Snacks

Treat yourself to our delectable range of Food & Snacks. Crafted from premium, natural ingredients, each product is a celebration of flavor and tradition. From healthy snacks to indulgent treats, our selection is designed to cater to all tastes and occasions. Discover unique flavors and textures that make snacking a delightful and healthy experience.


Apparel & Accessories

Explore our collection of Apparel & Accessories that blends traditional craftsmanship with contemporary fashion. Each piece represents the artistic heritage of Ceylon, made with fine materials and attention to detail. Adorn yourself in our apparel and accessories that promise style and comfort, making every occasion special.

World Market

World Market

Our World Market features a curated selection of Sri Lankan crafts and products. From a range of ceramic and porcelain products to other uniquely Sri Lankan items, shop our diverse range and bring home a piece of the Ceylon. Each item showcases the best of its origin, offering you a gateway to the cultures and traditions of exotic Sri Lanka.

World Market


Step onto the pitch with confidence with our collection of premium cricket accessories, tailormade for optimum performance. Each piece, from durable bats crafted from robust woods to high-performance wicket keeping gloves designed to enable quick and accurate catches, is designed to elevate your game.

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At Pure Ceylon Items, we're passionate about bringing you the richest flavors and finest quality all the way from the heart of Sri Lanka. Each of our all-natural products is carefully sourced to ensure they bring not just authenticity but also the healthful benefits of pure, organic farming. From the invigorating freshness of our teas to the aromatic blend of our spices, explore how each product can transform your everyday meals into a gourmet experience! Buy responsibly sourced, organic, and all-natural products with Pure Ceylon Items today!

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