Emairs English Willow Grade 1 Cricket Bat Ju-Glory (Junior-Size 6)


This level of English willow is our Test Choice, Exquisitely handcrafted. Typically 5-7 straight grains on the face. Weight Range 2.0-2.5lbs

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Bat Size: Size 6, SS(Short Handle)
Toe : Semi-Round
Grains : 5-7
Full Bat Length: 31.0 ”
Handle Length: 11.0″
Handle shape: Round -Oval
Handle construction: Cane – 4 pieces, Semi Oval Handle
Bat Shape: PROFILE-B
High-quality unbleached English willow bats boast a slightly broader grain and sometimes a faint red edge, indicative of their superior craftsmanship. Before use, it’s imperative to knock in the bat properly. This involves about 10,000 knockings, which ensures the bat’s durability and performance. To do this effectively, utilize either a cricket ball or a wooden cricket bat mallet. This process allows for greater control over the force applied, ensuring even compression across the bat’s surface. Begin by knocking it in the nets with an old ball before progressing to using a new ball in a match situation. This gradual introduction helps the bat adapt to the impact forces, minimizing the risk of damage and maximizing its longevity and performance on the field.


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