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Research proves that the presence of caffeine in tea does not produce any unhealthy results due to its combination with tea polyphenols.

Studying black tea, green tea, and other types of tea for decades, and have associated tea drinking with positive outcomes. For example, tea often provides a boost in mental alertness. The drink may also increase your energy levels, which may boost your metabolism.

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9 Impressive Benefits Of Ceylon Tea
by John Staughton last updated – December 09, 2018

There are impressive benefits of Ceylon tea, including its ability to aid in weight loss, protect against chronic illness, boost heart health, increase energy levels, strengthen the immune system, improve the appearance of the skin, moderate diabetic symptoms, and prevent kidney stones.

Ceylon Tea
You may not be familiar with the term Ceylon tea, possibly because you’ve never heard of Ceylon – the formal name of Sri Lanka until 1972. [1] Tea production in this country is impressive and is responsible for over $1.5 billion of global tea sales. The excellent terrain and temperature of Sri Lanka make it an ideal location to grow this tea, and it comes in three varieties – black, green, and white. [2] You can find Ceylon tea all over the world, but many people may simply mistake it for regular old black tea. Black Ceylon tea is the most common form and has a mild flavor that is reminiscent of citrus fruits. Green Ceylon tea has a more pungent, nutty flavor than its black counterpart, and has the highest level of antioxidants since these tea leaves are unfermented. Finally, white Ceylon tea is the most expensive and rarest form and is prepared, harvested, and processed by hand, along with being allowed to dry in the sun, giving it a sweeter, more pleasant flavor than the other two varieties.

Essentially, any tea that comes from Sri Lanka is called Ceylon tea, and it is widely praised around the world for its high polyphenolic content, which bestows a number of health benefits on those who regularly consume this tea leaf variety. More specifically, Ceylon tea is believed to have a warming influence on the body, and always has a slightly tangy taste, which sets it apart from other varietals on the market. The flavonoids, antioxidants, and polyphenolic compounds in Ceylon tea have made it a popular remedy for a wide variety of ailments and afflictions, and can even be used in topical applications for certain issues.

8 Surprising Benefits Of Ceylon Tea

Health Benefits of Ceylon Tea
Let’s take a closer look at some of the health benefits of Ceylon tea.

Weight Loss
One of the best things about Ceylon tea is its ability to stimulate metabolism, making it a precious tool for those attempting to lose weight. By speeding up the metabolism, your body naturally burns fat faster, even if you don’t change other aspects of your lifestyle or workout regimen. [3] This means that by giving your metabolism a morning boost with Ceylon tea, you will have more energy for even more activities, which may further increase your calorie-burning efforts!

Boosts Immunity
Across the board, Ceylon tea can help to promote a healthier body, starting with the immune system. By improving the response time of the immune system to pathogens and foreign agents, Ceylon tea can better prepare the body to fight off illness. Furthermore, the antioxidants found in Ceylon tea generally reduce [4] oxidative stress and the presence of free radicals within the body, which can help the immune system focus on important things, like keeping you protected from infections!

Protects the Heart
Ceylon tea possesses a measurable amount of potassium, which is a crucial element of heart health since it functions as a vasodilator. This means that it relaxes the tension in blood vessels and arteries, allowing your blood pressure to decrease to normal, healthy levels and reduce the strain on your heart. [5] A cup of Ceylon tea to start each day, along with a potassium-rich fruit like bananas, can do wonders for your long-term heart health.

Increases Energy
Sri Lanka used to be a major coffee-producing nation, but a lot of that infrastructure has shifted to making tea. However, Ceylon tea and Sri Lankan coffee share an important characteristic – caffeine. By providing your body with a healthy dose of caffeine, this tea can boost your cognitive acuity and attention, and also pull you out of that morning energy slump. [6] If you drink it at a regular pace, perhaps 2-3 cups over the course of the day, you’ll also avoid the terrible caffeine crash that you so often get from coffee.

Skin Care
Some of the antioxidants that have been identified in Ceylon tea are specifically linked to reducing collagen loss in the skin by preventing oxidative stress in the surrounding cells. Collagen is important for skin elasticity, namely preventing the appearance of wrinkles and keeping the skin taut and strong. By preventing oxidative stress in this way, you can prevent premature aging, eliminate those pesky wrinkles, and also promote healthier blemish-free skin. [7]

Eliminates Kidney Stones
Research has connected the consumption of black tea to a decreased risk of developing kidney stones. This is believed to be connected to both the caffeine content and antioxidants present within this miraculously delicious and beneficial tea variety!

Regulates Diabetes Symptoms
Drinking Ceylon tea has been shown to reduce blood glucose levels, which is particularly important for people who suffer from diabetes. By helping to regulate the glucose and insulin levels in the body, Ceylon tea can prevent spikes and drops that can be dangerous for those who struggle with diabetes. [8]

Disclaimer- All information is for your reference only, please do your own research and verify.

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Weight 312 g
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1 Pyramid Tea Bag


All Natural Lasia spinosa  (Kohila Ala)

Storage Instructions

Storage instructions -Keep in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

Common Names

Westerners call “black tea” is known in China as “red tea” (hong cha), based on the reddish color of the brew. However, the South African tisane rooibos is sometimes colloquially referred to as “red tea” as well.Binomial name Camellia sinensis (L.) Kuntze

Recipes and Preparing Instructions

Need a little caffeine boost with your healthy morning smoothie? Check this recipe out. It’s full of antioxidants, mango fiber, cashew protein, has a hint of honey sweetness, and gets a boost from the black tea.

No, this isn’t an Italian soda. It’s a creamy, fruity, earl grey iced tea recipe that tastes like heaven. This stuff is so good, you could even pour it over ice cream and really spoil yourself.

Have folks over for a lazy afternoon? Whip up a batch of this pitcher sangria tea cocktail. Its sweet ice tea meets sangria in the best way. To start, steep peach black tea bags with hot water and a touch of sugar, then chill. Once cold, add in your favorite white wine, fresh peaches, a twist of lemon juice, and fresh mint. Green tea’s got nothing on this recipe!

There was a point in my life when I was obsessed with Thai tea. The perfect balance between sweet, creamy, and tea, it’s hard not to love this stuff. While most Thai teas rely heavily on condensed milk to sweeten, this recipe offers a healthier option using coconut milk and organic black tea.

As if smoked salmon wasn’t already amazing, this recipe takes it a step further by tea-smoking salmon in a wok after it spent an hour marinating in an orange, soy, ginger marinade. It may sound like a pro-chef status Asian recipe, but with 20 minutes of cook time, anyone can make this.

Looking for a new pork rub? Try this recipe. It doubles up on the black tea by using it in the rub and in the gravy.

Juicy strips of flank steak only deserve the best and this recipe has it. Flank steak is marinated in black tea and citrus, then is rubbed with thyme, lemon zest, and tea leaves. The whole thing is then topped with a perfectly paired gremolata.

This goes way beyond the classic flavor of an orange creamsicle. A honey-infused Greek yogurt paired with peach-flavored Pure Leaf Iced Black Tea gives you multi-layered peaches and cream popsicles, unlike any creamsicle you’ve ever had.

On a summer day, the last thing you probably want is a hot chai tea. Enter these chai popsicles. They are infused with the spiced chai and black tea flavors you love with an added bonus, of fresh figs, and creamy coconut milk.

These cookies were made for tea time. They’re infused with the richness of olive oil, zesty orange, and crushed black tea leaves. For a sweet twist, you can drizzle on an orange icing.

Decadence defines this cake best. It calls for brewing black tea in milk and then adding the milk tea along with tea leaves to the cake. It’s then complemented by a honey buttercream frosting which adds just the right amount of sweetness. It’s like the best cup of tea you’ve had, only in cake form.

12. Black Tea Vodka Recipe
Many bartenders are crafting tea cocktails, and this infused vodka can be used with simple syrup to make complex cocktails. One use may be in a black tea vodka milkshake. Not to say that vodka is good for you, but black tea vodka is slightly better for you than the regular stuff. Learn how to make black tea vodka.

13. Black Tea Hot Toddy Recipe
Perhaps the world’s most famous tea cocktail, the hot toddy is a great way to soothe the symptoms of a cough or to warm up a winter’s evening. While other variations use apple cider, tea is also common. The alcohol used can be brandy, rum, or whiskey. While there’s no medical evidence you’ll get over a cold faster, it is a pleasant placebo.

14. Thai Tea Recipe
Black tea meets spices and coconut milk in this creamy Thai drink recipe. Intrigued? You might also like a Thai iced tea recipe. These are non-alcoholic recipes that can please anyone.

15. Hong Kong Milk Tea Recipe
Also known as “pantyhose milk tea” or “silk stockings tea,” this drink is wildly popular in Hong Kong, yet it is rarely seen anywhere else in the world. Learn to make it in your kitchen with this easy recipe. It is made with condensed milk.

16. Masala Chai Recipe
Learn to make masala chai with your own spices and black tea. You’ll be able to control the ingredients and then maybe you can experiment with your own chai blends.

17. Tea Simple Syrup Recipe
This versatile tea-flavored simple syrup recipe is great for making Earl Grey syrup, but you can also use it to make all your favorite black teas (and other teas, for that matter) into flavored syrups. Once you have the syrup on hand, you can make tea-flavored sodas and milk steamers, drizzle fruits with natural tea flavor, and more.

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